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About Us

Insightful Solutions for Your Business Activities

Orbitil was founded in 2013 with a single mission: to develop the most insightful, intuitive and helpful business intelligence tools in the world. Allowing our clients to see their business like never before and develop data-directed strategies. Though we’ve grown since our establishment, we’re still the same innovative company at heart. Let us help you make your plans a reality.


Are you ready to set your projects, investments and products on the path to success? Contact us today. You’ll be glad you did.

Our Management Team

Graham Pink


Serial technology entrepreneur, Founder of CSR, IPICSi and Orbitil. Widely recognised as a leading expert in business strategy and semiconductor IC engineering. At CSR he fulfilled various roles between 1999 and 2010 including SVP Engineering and EVP R&D.

In addition to being CEO of Orbitil, Graham is also Vice Chair of the Strategic Advisory Board of UKESF and is on the Board of UltraSoC.

Anil Arya


Anil is highly experienced in international project and team management, analytics and managing the process of solving complex “crunchy” business issues from beginning to end, well versed in the types of challenges technical organisations often face. He has held roles spanning development, operations, growth strategies, M&As, performance improvements and turnarounds. Anil's previous roles include SVP R&D UbiNetics and VP R&D at CSR.

Andrew Sanyal

Non-Executive Director, A.I. Technologist

Since finishing his Ph.D. Andrew worked in the UK, USA and China developing solutions to system level problems. Andrew has held various roles in research & development, customer engineering, project management and marketing.


Today, Andrew is a strong advocate of lean, visual portfolio management techniques and A.I. (as well as drinking tea and eating cake).

Our Advisors

Professor Jian-Bo Yang

Machine Learning

Jian-Bo is Professor of Decision and System Science at Manchester Business School. Over the last twenty years, Professor Yang has led a large number of research projects, in the areas of multiple criteria decision analysis using both quantitative and qualitative information with uncertainties, hybrid decision methodologies using techniques from both operational research and artificial intelligence, multiple objective optimisation, linear and non-linear programming, intelligent decision support systems, and dynamic system modelling, simulation and control of engineering and management systems.

Dr Rob Phaal

Strategy and Roadmapping

Rob joined the Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University in 1997, where he is a Principal Research Associate, conducting research in the area of strategic technology management. Particular interests include technology evaluation, the emergence of technology-based industry, the use of visual techniques for strategy, and the development of practical management tools. Strategic roadmapping is a key area of ongoing interest . Rob co-ordinates the Strategic Technology and Innovation Management (STIM) consortium programme

Join Our Team?

We're currently have our team in place but if you feel you can add value, get in touch!

Professor Duncan Shand

Business Valuations

Duncan is Professor of Practice in the Finance group at Warwick Business School (WBS), the University of Warwick. Prior to WBS, Duncan worked for 13 years in the investment management industry, most recently as a Managing Director in BlackRock's Global Market Strategies Group (GMSG).  Duncan was head of portfolio management and research in foreign exchange for GMSG's flagship systematic global macro fund, working on both the investment committee and research oversight board which manage risk in the overall fund.